AIR-SEC is fully managed service to mitigate threat from UAV - unmanned aerial vehicles

What we do

We provide the venue protection against the threats coming from UAVs, as

We provide complete UAV detection, threat classification, pilot&UAV localization and activity recording. AIR-SEC has been established to provide aerial security through accountable systems provided by leading-edge technology. We provide a full range of services from risk assessment to hosted mitigation solutions (mobile or on-premises technology), including a skilled operations team. AIR-SEC service can be designed for a single use option (quick launch) or a long-term technology option with a remote Security Operation Centre management.

We fully comply with the civil industry standards and regulations !!!

Application areas

  • Airports
  • Public or political event protetction
  • Sport and culture venue protection
  • Threat sensitive buildings and utilities protection
  • Restricted area protection
  • Competitive intelligence threat mitigation
  • Human pursuit avoidance
  • Nuisance and privacy intrusion protection!