AIR-SEC supports public and private sector organisations, taking into account both conventional and non-conventional aerial attack techniques with the aim of reducing Vulnerability to crime/terrorist/competitive intelligence actions. We provide advice on best practice design for threat resistance and mitigation methods to reduce the risk of damage. AIR-SEC works with space knowledge to reduce problem at the early concept design stage to assist building appropriate mitigation countermeasures. UAV threat risk assessment and design strategies to minimise i.e. the spread of toxic agents and resulting contamination are becoming increasingly requested. AIR-SEC provides a full range of services from risk assessment to the design of engineered mitigation solutions.

Law enforcement

AIR-SEC's qualified lawyer team has the longevity of specialist knowledge. Sufficient experience that others may officially and legally rely upon our witness's (scientific, technical or other) opinion about an evidence or fact issue within the scope of our subject matter. Surveillance is now playing a major part in the prevention and detection of crime. It is extensively used by our legal system, and is often crucial to the outcome of an investigation. More and more data is being captured each day. This data records actual events and can provide reliable identification which is crucial as evidence in the criminal justice system. Forensics services such as those provided by AIR-SEC are core to the expert analysis and interpretation of this subject. We are also focused on the subject of drone countermeasurement issues and solutions.